Cordless Air Compressor


Item no.: 4020420 EAN: 4006825667325
  • Member of the Power X-Change family; 1x 18 V battery required
  • High-pressure pump for inflating car tyres, wheel tyres and balls
  • Low-pressure pump for blowing up air mattresses
  • Low-pressure suction for letting down air mattresses
  • Two-line pressure display for reading the target and actual pressure
  • Desired pressure for the high-pressure pump adjustable up to 11 bar
  • Auto shutoff function when the set pressure is reached
  • Selectable pressure units: bar, psi and kPa
  • Pushbutton switch for inflation (high pressure) without pressure preset
  • 3 pcs. inflation adaptor kit for tyres, balls and air mattresses
  • Integrated storage compartment for the adapter set
  • Convenient carrying handle for convenient transport
  • Supplied without battery or charger (sold separately)
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Article description

Out of air? Not with the Einhell battery compressor PRESSITO 18/25: As part of the powerful Power X-Change family, the compressor is powered by an 18 volt Power X-Change battery. Its high-pressure pump reaches up to 11 bar and is ideal for inflating balls, bicycle and car tyres. The low-pressure pump provides air in air mattresses and pool inflatables. The air can then be let out using the low-pressure suction option. On the two-line LCD display, the actual and target pressure can be read in bar, psi or kPa. When the desired pressure is reached, the pump switches off automatically. A push button switch for inflating in the high-pressure range without presetting the pressure additionally simplifies handling. The included 3-piece adapter set contains a ball needle, a tyre adapter and a conical adapter. The adapters are accommodated in the practical, integrated storage compartment in the compressor housing. This way, no individual parts are lost. The high-pressure and low-pressure hoses can also be accommodated in integrated compartments in a space-saving manner. A practical handle and its low weight make the compressor a handy companion for on the go and at home. Delivery does not include battery or charger. These are available separately, e.g. as an Einhell starter set.

Technical details

Max. operating pressure11 bar
Motor speed25000 min^-1
Motor typeBrush motor
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery0 pcs
Number of cylinders1 pcs
Output power 0 bar17 l/min
Output power 4 bar11 l/min
Output power 7 bar9 l/min
Product weight2.28 Kg
Suction power25 l/min
Tank volume0 l

Equipped for all eventualities

Extensive equipment for (almost) every application

The Einhell cordless compressor PRESSITO 18/25 has many practical features: Thanks to 71 cm long high-pressure hose and 1.6 m long low-pressure hose, it can be used flexibly. A conical adapter, a tyre adapter and a ball needle make it a practical companion for on the go and for many leisure activities. But it is also ideal for use around the home and garden.


High-pressure pump

The high-pressure pump reaches a maximum pressure of up to 11 bar. This makes the device ideal for balls and tyres, including car tyres.


Low-pressure pump

The low-pressure pump is used to inflate large-volume air mattresses, inflatable boats and pool inflatables.


Low pressure suction function

With the option of low-pressure suction, for example, rubber objects or clothing bags can be emptied without much effort.


Oil-free and clean

The oil-free pump is low-maintenance and clean. The compressor starts smoothly at all times, even in cold temperatures.


LCD pressure indicator

The two-line LCD display makes it easy to read the target and actual pressure of the high-pressure pump at a glance. The pressure display indicates the values in bar, psi or kPa.


Practical push-button switch

Thanks to an easy-to-operate push-button switch, the high-pressure pump can be used to inflate a wide variety of tyres and play objects even without pressure presetting.

Cordless freedomFlexible on the go thanks to PRESSITO 18/25!

High- and low-pressure pumps as well as low-pressure suction without power connection: As part of the Power X-Change family, the Einhell cordless compressor PRESSITO 18/25 can be flexibly combined with batteries and chargers. The ideal companion for all inflation work!

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