Cordless Dirt Water Pump

GE-DP 18/25 LL Li - Solo

Item no.: 4181590 EAN: 4006825668780
  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 1x 18 V battery required
  • 2-in-1 combi pump: Clean water and waste water with one device
  • Clear water: Flat suction up to 1 mm residual water level
  • Waste water: up to 25 mm foreign bodies in coarse waste water
  • Adjustment of the suction level by simple rotary movement
  • Selectable power levels: ECO and BOOST
  • Eco power: Longer running time, less power consumption
  • Boost mode for maximum delivery
  • Flexible battery box with integrated cable storage
  • 5-metre-long cable connection for deeper immersion
  • Easily accessible hose connection on the top of the pump
  • High-quality mechanical seal for long service life
  • Robust pump housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Dry-running protection to protect the motor
  • Universal adapter for 25/32 mm hoses and 33.3 mm (G 1) AG
  • Delivery does not include a battery or charger (sold separately)
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Article description

The flat-suction Einhell cordless waste water pump GE-DP 18/25 LL Li-Solo is an all-rounder for pumping out clean or waste water. The powerful water pump is part of the Einhell Power X-Change family, where all batteries, system devices and chargers can be flexibly combined. Thanks to the battery, the waste water pump can be used flexibly, regardless of a power connection. The battery is protected by the splash-proof, robust battery box and can be hung on walls, rain barrels, fences, etc. thanks to the wall bracket and fastening hooks. A cable holder for the 5-metre-long connecting cable, which allows the pump to immerse up to 4 metres deep is integrated into the battery box. The 160W motor allows the pump to deliver up to 7,000 litres per hour at a maximum pressure of 0.5 bar. The submersible pump has two power levels: The ECO mode ensures longer running times with less battery consumption, whereas the BOOST mode provides the maximum output. Thanks to the rotatable housing bottom, the cordless pump is suitable for both waste water with maximum 25 mm dirt particles and clear water (1 mm grain size). Clean water can be pumped out with the flat suction pump up to 1 mm residual water level. When starting the pump, the water level must be at least 10 mm. A double-sided carrying handle makes it easy to transport the 3.3 kg lightweight device. The pump is equipped with a 42 mm (1 1/4" AG) pressure connection and is supplied with a universal adapter for 25/32 mm hoses with 1" AG (33.3 mm). The cordless waste water pump GE-DP 18/25 LL Li-Solo is supplied without a battery or charger. These are available separately.

Technical details

Connection cable length5 m
Max. delivery height5 m
Max. delivery pressure0.5 bar
Max. delivery rate7000 l/h
Max. foreign body size25 mm
Max. immersion depth4 m
Min. water level pump start10 mm
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery0 pcs
Power160 W
Pressure connection type42mm (G11/4 AG)
Product weight3.4 Kg
Shallow suction up to1 mm


You can use the switch to select between ECO mode for longer runtime and BOOST mode for maximum output.


Including universal connection

The cordless sewage pump is supplied with a universal adapter for 25/32 mm hoses with 1" OT (33.3 mm).


Pressure connection

The 42 mm (1 1/4" OT) pressure connection is attached to the top of the pump for easy access.


Supplied without battery

The cordless waste water pump GE-DP 18/25 LL Li-Solo is supplied without a battery or charger. These are available separately.


Long connection cable

Thanks to the 5-metre-long connecting cable between the battery box and the submersible pump, the dirty water pump can be dipped up to 4 metres deep into the water to be pumped out. The water can be transported over a maximum height of 5 metres.


Easy attachment of the battery box

The battery box for the waste water pump can be easily hung on walls, rain barrels, fences and the like with the help of the integrated wall bracket or with the fastening hook.

What type of pump is it?

The cordless waster water pump GE-DP 18/25 LL Li-Solo is a submersible motor pump that is either completely or partially in the water.

What is the waste water pump suitable for?

The waste water pump is suitable for drainage (e.g. ponds, pools), removal and transport of both clean and waste water.

What does 'flat suction' mean?

The waste water pump can pump clear water down to a residual water level of 1 mm. This is adjusted using a rotatable housing base.

Can the pump be used for garden watering?

No – only to a limited extent as the delivery pressure is not high enough for lawn sprinklers.

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