Cordless Garden Pump


Item no.: 4180430 EAN: 4006825668513
  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 1x 18 V battery required
  • Double Runtime technology: 2 battery slots, double runtime
  • Suitable for all Power X-Change batteries
  • High pump performance combined with wireless freedom
  • LED battery charge indicator directly on the device
  • Power level switch: ECO and BOOST mode
  • Pre-filter for protection against impurities in the inducted water
  • Large water filler screw for easy commissioning
  • Frost protection thanks to easy emptying via water drainage screw
  • Vent screw ensures efficient suction
  • Water level indicator – Determine water level at a glance
  • Dirt indicator – quickly detect dirty filters
  • Overload protection to protect the motor from overheating
  • Carrying handle for easy transport
  • Pump base with bore for secure, permanent attachment
  • High-quality, durable metal suction and pressure connection
  • Non-return valve for preventing water backflow
  • Robust mechanical seal for long service life.
  • Delivery does not include a battery or charger (sold separately)
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Article description

The Einhell cordless garden pump AQUINNA 18/30 F LED is a powerful pump that can be used everywhere around the home and garden when water needs to be supplied without a separate power connection. The AQUINNA 18/30 F LED is part of the flexible Power X-Change family, where all batteries, chargers and system devices including tools and garden equipment can be combined. The pump is operated with an 18 V battery. Thanks to the Double Runtime technology and the two integrated battery slots, the pump can also be equipped with two batteries for a longer run time. If one battery is empty, the power supply automatically switches to the second, full battery. The capacity of the two batteries can be seen on the LED charge level display at any time. The garden pump is equipped with two power modes: The BOOST mode for maximum flow rate and ECO mode for maximum battery life at lower delivery pressure. The AQUINNA 18/30 F LED can pump up to 3,000 litres of water per hour. It can reach a max. delivery height of 28 metres, which corresponds to a max. delivery pressure of 2.8 bar. Water can be sucked in from a depth of up to 6 metres. For simple filling, e.g. during the first suction process, the pump has a large water filler screw. The pump is easily emptied, especially for frost protection in winter, with the help of the water drainage screw on the underside. To protect from contamination, the pump is equipped with a pre-filter. This is surrounded by a transparent housing, which makes it possible to detect at any time whether the pump has been sufficiently filled with water and whether the filter is dirty and should be cleaned. A non-return valve also prevents the water from dropping. The integrated overload protection automatically switches off the pump in the event of overheating to prevent damage. The cordless garden pump is equipped with a central carrying handle for easy transport and fixing holes for fixing in a permanent place of use. The pump has two robust threaded connections made of metal. Delivery does not include a battery or charger. These are available separately as a starter kit

Technical details

Max. delivery height28 m
Max. delivery pressure2.8 bar
Max. delivery rate3000 l/h
Max. suction height6 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Motor typeBrush motor
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery0 pcs
Pressure connection type33,3 mm (G1 IG)
Product weight3.9 Kg
Suction connection type33,3 mm (R1 AG)

Double Runtime technology

Two battery slots – double runtime

The cordless garden pump AQUINNA 18/30 F LED can be operated with only one 18 V battery, but thanks to the two integrated battery slots, it can be equipped with two Power X-Change batteries for a longer running time. With this Double Runtime technology, the power supply is automatically switched to the second, full battery as soon as the first battery is empty. The garden pump always automatically selects the slot in which a charged battery is inserted.


Secure mounting

The garden pump is equipped with fixing holes for permanent fixation at a specific place of use.


Protection against overheating

The integrated overload protection switches off the pump in case of overheating of the motor before damage can occur.


Simple transport

With the help of the central carrying handle, the cordless garden pump can be used flexibly and carried from A to B.


Protected batteries

The batteries inserted in the pump are protected from splashing water and dust by the battery cover.


Frost protection thanks to water drainage screw

The cordless garden pump should be stored away from frost in preparation for winter. So that no damage is caused by the freezing and expanding water in the interior of the pump, the water can be emptied quite simply via the water drainage screw.


Pre-filter and non-return valve

The integrated pre-filter protects the battery pump from dirt and contamination in the water to be pumped. The pump is also equipped with a non-return valve, which prevents the water from dripping out and allows immediate suction.

Status Indicators

Water level and dirt visible at all times

The transparent housing around the pre-filter of the AQUINNA 18/30 F LED cordless garden pump fulfills two functions in one: It serves as a water level indicator and at the same time as a dirt indicator. The transparent pre-filter housing makes it possible to see at a glance whether and to what extent the pump has already been filled with water. In addition, it is easy to determine whether the filter is dirty and should be cleaned if necessary.


LED charge level indicator

The remaining battery capacity can be seen using the charge level display directly on the pump without removing the batteries. The display for both batteries is integrated in the form of LEDs on the top of the pump housing.


ECO and BOOST mode

One can choose between two power levels on the battery garden pump. Full power with maximum delivery pressure is available in BOOST mode. In ECO mode, less pressure is used for maximum battery life.

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