Air Compressor Accessory
10pcs airtool set with bag
Item no.:4139694EAN: 4006825672381
Air Compressor Accessory

10pcs airtool set with bag

Item no.: 4139694 EAN: 4006825672381
  • Tyre inflation gauge with manometer in bar and psi for monitoring tyre pressure
  • Blower adapter needle suitable for tyre inflation gauge
  • Metal needle for inflating balls
  • Robust valve adapter for pumping up bicycle tyres
  • Additional adapter for valves with internal diameter from 8 mm
  • Additional adapter for valves with internal diameter from 10 mm
  • Adapter for use with standard screw valves
  • Variety of adapters for air release valves and screw valves
  • Storage pouch with hook-and-loop fastener for easy storage
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Article description

The Original Einhell 10-piece Compressed Air Set with pouch includes the perfect accessories for any compressor. The set includes a tyre inflator gauge, a blower gun adapter, 8 common valve adapters and a storage pouch. The tyre inflator gauge is a practical tool when inflating tyres, saving you a trip to the petrol station. The device has a pressure gauge with scales in bar and psi so the pressure can be read easily. Thanks to the discharge valve, excess tyre pressure can be carefully and precisely reduced to the required level. With a 37 cm hose and a valve connector, every tyre can be properly inflated. The blower adapter needle that can be fitted to the tyre inflator can be used, for example, for cleaning work areas. The set of 8 standard adapters means you are well prepared for a variety of valves. The sturdy metal ball needle can be used to inflate commercially available sports balls fitted with rubber valves quickly and professionally. Another metal adapter allows easy inflation of bicycle tires fitted with "Dunlop" valves. The adapter connector can be used with any valve with an internal diameter of 8 mm or larger. When used with the supplied valve adapters, this means that air mattresses, paddling pools and rubber boats can be filled with compressed air in no time. The screw valve adapter is suitable for quickly and professionally inflating any product with a standard screw valve (e.g. inflatable dinghies, kayaks and other large items) with compressed air. Furthermore, the kit also includes a set of adapters for air release valves, screw valves and a 10 mm valve adapter. The included storage pouch holds all the components of the 10-piece compressed air accessory kit for compact storage. The pouch also has a hook-and-loop fastener so it can be attached to a compressor.

Technical details

Operating pressure min.0 bar
Operating pressure max.8 bar
Hose length34 cm
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