Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner


Item no.: 3437110 EAN: 4006825671148
  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 1 x 18 V battery required
  • Swappable battery for infinite runtime
  • Quick and easy battery exchange
  • 18 V power for very high performance and best cleaning results
  • For cleaning a variety of hard floors
  • Optimum control of water flow via trigger on handle
  • Adjustable roller speed via BOOST function
  • BOOST mode for cleaning stubborn stains
  • Slim design thanks to foldable battery holder
  • Self-standing feature so the tool can be parked safely
  • Removable dirty water tank for easy emptying
  • Removable, easy to fill clean water tank
  • Always-on feature for comfortable handling
  • Softgrip ensures good ergonomics during use
  • Parking/cleaning station for cleaning the brush roller
  • Practical carrying handle on the cleaning/parking station
  • Cleaning tool for removing hair, etc. from the roller
  • Available separately: Replaceable brush roller
  • Available separately: Brush roller for rougher floors
  • Comes without battery or charger (sold separately)
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Article description

The Einhell Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner CLEANEXXO is your hard-working helper for cleaning around the house, and as a replacement for the mop, it makes the perfect partner for the vacuum cleaner. As a member of the Power X-Change family, the hard floor cleaner can be combined with all batteries and chargers across the system. Thanks to the removable battery system, the cleaner offers unlimited, cordless runtime: when one battery is empty, just insert the next one and continue mopping. The water supply, i.e. flow rate, is controlled directly via a trigger on the hard floor cleaner's handle. When used in the standard and BOOST modes, which change the speed of rotation of the roller, the cleaner removes both regular dust and dirt, as well as stubborn stains. In BOOST mode, the water flow rate also increases when the trigger is pulled. If no water is fed, the roller can also just absorb the moisture from the floor and thus dry it. The floor cleaning brush is moistened by water supplied from the 400 ml clean water tank. The water is collected up again by a special mechanism and fed into the waste water tank (300 ml). Both tanks can be completely removed from the device for filling, emptying and cleaning. Thanks to its slim design and the foldable battery holder, the cordless hard floor cleaner can also reach into corners, edges and narrow gaps without any problems. The cleaner is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its ergonomic Softgrip handle with and always-on function. The supplied parking/cleaning station is perfect for storing the CLEANEXXO. Thanks to its self-standing function, it stands upright. Pressing the boost switch for 3 seconds will activate the self-cleaning function, and special cleaning ridges on the base of the parking station will clean the brush roller. The included cleaning tool can also be used to clean the nozzle or remove debris such as hair from the roller. The hard floor cleaner and cleaning station is easy to transport thanks to its integrated carrying handle. The brush roller is suitable for cleaning various floors such as parquet, laminate, PVC, cork, linoleum and even rougher surfaces such as stone floors and tiles. No tools are required to exchange the brush roller, and it is machine washable. Replacement rollers are available as a separate accessory. The cordless hard floor cleaner comes without a battery or charger.

Technical details

Min. PXC battery recommendationAll batteries
Motor voltage18 V
Number of batteries included in delivery0 pcs
Number of chargers included in delivery0 pcs
Product weight0 Kg
Tank capacity fresh water400 ml
Tank capacity waste water300 ml
Working width brush roller290 mm

Optimised water supply

CLEANEXXO mopping technology: ready to tackle any grime

With the CLEANEXXO hard floor cleaner, the mop and bucket are a thing of the past. The brush roller is moistened by water from the 400 ml clean water tank, with the amount of water controlled by the push of a button. As the roller rotates, it soaks up this water from the floor, along with any spilled liquids, and deposits them into the 300 ml waste water tank. This leaves behind only minimal moisture on the floor.


Comfortable handling

The special Softgrip surfaces help the slim handle sit comfortably and securely in the hand - even during longer cleaning jobs.


Removable tanks

The tanks for clean and waste water can be completely removed from the device, whether for cleaning, filling or emptying.


Well-thought-out Design

Thanks to its flexible joint, the CLEANEXXO is highly manoeuvrable, but can also stand upright by itself when you set it down to take a break.


Cleaning the Roller

The set includes a handy cleaning tool which can be used to remove hair from the roller and clean dirt from the nozzle.


Adjustable rotational speed

The speed at which the roller rotates can be controlled via a button on the handle. In normal mode, the cordless hard floor cleaner CLEANEXXO easily removes normal dirt and dust. When BOOST mode is activated, even stubborn stains stand no chance.


Self-cleaning at the touch of a button

The parking/cleaning station is not only perfect for storing the hard floor cleaner, but also for cleaning it. At the push of a button, the roller will rotate for 30 seconds with an increased flow of water. The roller is then cleaned by the ridges on the base of the station.

Cable-free cleaningUnlimited runtime with Power X-Change

As a member of the Einhell Power X-Change family, there is no limit to how long you can use your CLEANEXXO Hard Floor Cleaner for. It works with any Power X-Change battery. When one battery is empty, just plug in the next one and carry on cleaning.

Slim design

Flexible use - even under cabinets

Slim, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – the Einhell CLEANEXXO Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner. Thanks to its narrow design and flexible joint, the cleaner is easy to steer. The foldable socket into which the battery is inserted latches tightly to the device. The battery therefore blends perfectly into the slender design, so that cleaning under cabinets is also a breeze.

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