Electric Hedge Trimmer

GE-EH 7067

Item no.: 3403340 EAN: 4006825616170
  • Two-hand safety switch with cutter stop < 1 sec.
  • Safety blades made of laser-cut and diamond grinded steel
  • Metal gearing for long life
  • Additional handle for optimized ergonomics
  • Rear handle can be turned
  • Large hand guard
  • Aluminium cover over cutters
  • Removable shock guard
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation
  • Cuttings collector
  • Cable strain-relief clip
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Article description

The Einhell GE-EH 7067 electric hedge trimmer delivers high performance and exact cutting when working on hedges, shrubs and bushes. Thanks to its cutting length of 670 millimeters, it helps get the job done with power and precision and therefore saves time. With the power of a 700 W rating, you can easily and effortlessly trim everything to the desired shape. The Einhell GE-EH 7067 electric hedge trimmer delivers 3,000 cuts a minute with a tooth spacing of 30 millimeters. The cutters made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel are designed for precision and durability. For a long service life the hedge trimmer is equipped with metal gearing. The additional handle provides optimum ergonomics and an additional secure hold. In combination with the rear swivel handle, it helps you work tirelessly even on larger areas. Optimum safety is provided by the two-handed safety switch which stops the cutters in less than a second. The Einhell electric hedge trimmer is also equipped with a large hand guard, an aluminium cover over the cutters and an impact guard. Comfortable removal of the cuttings from the top of the hedge when trimming hedges is ensured by the practical cuttings collector. The strain-relief clip is provided for safety during use. A sturdy cutter guard is included for optimum storage and easy transport.

Technical details

Cutting length67 cm
Power700 W
Product weight3.73 Kg
Sword length71 cm
Teeth spacing30 mm
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